Storybook is an open source environment tool to build and test UI component in isolation, so you can test your UI components speedily before integrating them in your root project, in our case we’re talking more particularly about Storybook for React.js, besides React.js this cool tool works with many other Javascript libraries such as Vue.js, Angular.js, Preact and many others.

As mentioned above, our focus here is Storybook for React.js UI components, Storybook provides a complete UI dev environment for testing, and integration, we can send any kind of props to our component to test its behavior before adding it…

You developed a backend server and wanted to deploy it, but the main question is how to keep it the most scalable and responding, that’s why AWS might came to your mind as a leader in the software scalability world.

One of the deployment AWS services is EC2 (Elastic Compute Cloud), it’s about a scalable and easy to use container instance that you control to start, restart and stop anytime you want smoothly.

In our case we’ll deploy a sample Nodejs server, so let’s get started 😊

Create a sample Nodejs Server :

To create our Nodejs server, we’ll use Express as a fast nodejs micro-framework

Programming wide world became more about services and microservices, building a REST API is sometimes a great solution to avoid having a monolith app, so you build a complete frontend that calls a separated REST API which does the rest of the job related to data handling and storing, but most of times if you’re building the backend you’re doing that in a team and other members need to get description about every endpoint in your API, here comes the role of Swagger as one of the best way to do that, Swagger is an open-source software framework backed by…

In general, websites handle fetching data with different various ways like by showing a Spinner (the case of Netflix for example), a progress bar or a customized animation, one these ways (like used by Medium and Facebook) is handling fetching data on the browser by using React Skeleton Screens, to make it more clearer check the picture below

That will be our app, we’ll build a quick easy and fast React.js app that shows a random poems for a random poet, don’t worry everything will be explained as follows and the source code will be provided at the end 😉


About :

You maybe developed your full-stack app with a huge set of dependencies and using this app from a client or another user will need a series of installations and system compatibility with the dependencies versions .. that’s why it would be better to use Docker :) So let’s go fast and deeper.

Quick reminder :

React.js has many cool libraries such as React 360, React-Blessed and React-NodeGUI, so let’s discover each one together :

1. React 360 :

This React.js library is used to create 3D app, forms and animations, it’s a VR library. You can check the official documentation here :

To get started with this library we’ll have to install it via the dependencies manager “npm” by typing :

npm install react-360-cli

This one above will install it globally. Now we can create our first React360 app by typing :

react-360 init HelloWorld

To dive a little deep let’s see the generated directory content by typing…


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