No code, Low code

3 min readDec 26, 2021

Coding your app is awesome and might be sometimes fun, but also sometimes it needs a lot of efforts and a lot of time, that’s why you might would rather to look for another transcend way to build your tool, well, this brings us to two categories; “No Code” and “Low Code”, so let’s put them under the loop.

No code

This category allows you to digitally fill your need without writing any code, like dragging and dropping UI components, one of those famous tools is Wordpress, which allows you to generate static and dynamic content such as blogs. This category doesn’t require any coding knowledge and might be your best option to create Landing pages, Demos, and POCs. It has a long list of tools for Web, Mobile, Databases, Servers .. etc ..

As below you can find some examples of NoCode solutions :

  • AirTable : It’s a NoCode tool to create and generate databases, define types, colonnes, add links and relations between entities, but exported as a spreadsheet.
  • Wix : one of the best CMS PaaS to create static and dynamic websites with a responsive way, it provides a lot of advanced plugins such as AI, Analytics and liveChat for the paid tiers.
  • Sheet2Site : with only a google sheet you can generate a website, it comes with a paid packages only.
  • Bubble : a NoCode solution with multi-user apps for desktop and mobile web browsers, it comes with free and paid tiers.
  • AppGyver: a solution to create mobile apps without coding with a lot of available widgets that would make your app look stunning, it’s free.

Low Code

This category goes more suitably with developers who want to code their apps but with less code, the solutions in this category provides exporting the generated app source code and/or editing the source code to see your changes real-time, they give you the NoCode option plus access to the main source code.

As below you can find some examples of LowCode solutions :

  • Wordpress : Yeah it’s a NoCode solution but also it can provide the source code to be edited smoothly as customized as needed.
  • BuilderX : This tool is quite amazing and i personally have used it many times before, it provides an easy user interface to create your mobile and web app with drag-drop, and exports the source code to React.js, React-Native and Flutter as you need.

Some of other LowCode strategies are Model-Driven-Engineering softwares which convert your code from a programming language to another based only on an AST that you provide as an input, one of these is BlueAge (brought lately by Amazon).

To summarize, NoCode is about building your app without coding just with drag-drop or by providing some simple inputs to specify your need, and LowCode is about building your app with less code or with the same way as NoCode but getting the source code as output to edit it as needed.